Aura & Sparkle Crystal Collection
Aura & Sparkle Crystal Collection
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Aura and Sparkle Crystal Collection Rebrand came to life just about six months ago. At the time I was just looking to get the store online, and up and running and I didn't give much thought into the look of the brand. I just knew at that time that I wanted it to be blue, sleek and simple but more importantly I wanted to get the crystal catalog online. I slapped something together quickly and was off and running, not really giving it much thought after that. 

Launching my own store this year has rekindled the love that I used to have for creative web design that I left behind about 10 years ago. At a time when I would endlessly tinker with my Wordpress blog for my own website or create designs for others. Tonight I was inspired to rebrand Aura and Sparkle and give it a much  more modern, and sophisticated, yet free-spirited vibe and I think that this color palette has more than achieved the exact look that I didn't even know I wanted. 

This is also a signal that things are progressing and changing. I am working to add new items to the store. As you look around you will begin to see more items added weekly. It is my intention to provide a well-rounded array of crystal related, and well-being related goods that you didn't even know you wanted. But now that you know, you definitely do! 

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