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Moldavite - Let's Discuss

moldavite formationSo due to a surge of TikTok creators making videos about moldavite I feel that it's pertinent to discuss this phenomenon.  Firstly, crystals absolutely do have energy frequencies. Even substances made from silica (a.k.a. glass) have frequency. If they didn't then silica would not so be widely used in many of the electronic devices we have today. Which is why crystals such as quartz are used to regulate timepieces and the reason for why Silicon Valley being the global technology center of the world has it's name. 

Moldavite was found in the Czech republic and much of it has been mined out since the first part of the 21st century and it is hard to come by due to it's scarcity. This in itself can drive the desirability for anything. In my day job I work in the precious metals market and I can attest to the collectability and desirability of precious metals over others. All you have to do is look at daily spot prices to be a good indicator of that. The other driving factor of those prices are the talking dead on television telling you to buy gold, buy silver, or sell etc. depending on their objectives for the markets.  

Say what? You mean to tell me that there are people on television or the media telling people what to do based on self-interest? Never that, haha! So what am I getting at? I'm saying that there are a lot of people whose motives are not transparent for the videos that they are making. I'm not saying that they are sellers of moldavite, I'm simply stating that they want your attention on them, and if they are telling you that "wow, girl this crystal or this piece of green glass just blew open my crown chakra or my third eye blew open and now and all of a sudden my witchy abilities and I have inner sight" and you are going to be a powerful this, that, and the other thing... well they are lying to you. Point blank. It's feeding into your FOMO and you are allowing it to, thereby allowing them to put their hooks into you. 

Due to the fact that so many people are trying to trend this mineral, they are just spreading misinformation and driving the prices up like crazy and increasing the counterfeiting. with the advent of 3D printers it has become very simple to counterfeit moldavite. So I ask, do you want to be led astray and to be emotionally manipulated into thinking that you have to have moldavite and then go find someone online selling it and you paying an astronomical price for it and you have no expertise in identifying real or fake? Not only that, those sellers who are actually selling real moldavite are being attacked by people who are armchair gemologists and accusing them of selling counterfeit moldavite.

Naturally this creates a lot of misinformation and disinformation surrounding this one substance. Take a minute and do me a favor, ask yourself what is your driving motivation to acquire a piece of this so-called mystical substance? Do you think you are going to be in contact with inter-dimensional beings, aliens or angels? If so, why are you seeking that out in the first place? Do you think that it is a smart choice to want to seek out disembodied beings? Are you prepared for that? Do you think you are going to have superpowers? Last I heard, nobody was turning into Clark Kent from owning this. They are lying to the public, plain and simple there is no other way to say it and I'm not going to sugar-coat anything here. 

Another thing, the people who I do actually know who have entertained spiritual disembodied entities are not thriving physically and instead of heeding my warnings about it, they poo-poo it because their ego wants them to be special because they have sixth-sense extrasensory abilities, which are in fact illusions. So go ahead if you want to have inter-dimensional psychedelic experiences or start practices that have demons and spirits attached to them and then tell me how you're living your best life. Because I know you're not and in fact I'm so sure of it that I can tell you that things will happen in your life that will make you think you aren't doing it correctly or you need more power and get so far in that you will have invited hundreds of attachments to you. You have fun with that, and when it's time for me to tell you I told you so well... I told you so!

Here is some practical wisdom for you to follow... if you are thinking of becoming or practicing any form of magical arts... I suggest you stop and think real hard against it. I can guarantee that you do not know at all what you are contemplating getting yourself into.  You do not know what you are opening yourself up to and you do not know how to protect yourself from it once you have been exposed. You will be plagued by it for life! I can guarantee you will be attached to and will not have the ability to remove the attachments and will end up opening yourself up to unscrupulous people who will charge you money to be able remove the attachments, curse, hex etc... and bilk you of your money and actually they themselves attach to you by your consent. 

People and reality are not what they seem in this world. You do not possess the ability to discern the difference and most of you are too blind to see the truth around you. I suggest you forget all "ritualistic" and "spiritual practices" and religions, yes even the trendy Eastern religions. Adopting a yoga regimen or meditation practice for stress and mindfulness is completely different than practicing yoga for a kundalini awakening or spirituality or to chant mantras. It is very common for DIY spirituality and I speak from life experience when I tell you to be very discerning about who you listen to and what you bring into your life. 

My intentions towards you are to help and assist in your awakening, and to give you the truth, that's all. Everything I am saying makes practical, logical sense. This world of new age non-sense thrives on you suspending logical disbelief, so stop doing it. 

- Ms. Sparkles, your resident Source Fractal



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