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The Truth About Charging Your Crystals

Now, I realize that there is a ton of information out on the interwebs about how to charge your crystals. Do this ritual, do that ritual, etc... Most of them focus on putting your crystals out in the moonlight so that they can be charged by the moon. Here's the thing about that... the moon is actually associated with negative energy. Yep, that's right. Those moon charges that you are doing with your crystals are absorbing negative energy.  

We live in a duality universe. That means that for every positive, there is a negative. Up/down, wrong/right, left/right, positive, negative, good/bad, male/female, you get the idea. The sun is associated with the positive energy. So now tell me, do you want the negative energy in your life, or are you trying to create a more good, positive, vibe for yourself? Yep, rhetorical question. 

Thing is this idea is so pervasive because there is a lot of plagiarism on the web. People copy ideas all the time. There are pages and pages of search results on google all saying the same thing. If you are investing in these beauties, why oh why would you want to get them charged full of negativity? Okay so... stop doing that. 

You can also program them with your own intentions. That's where most of the energy that they possess comes from. These are in your possession, in your dwelling so make sure that the intentions you surround yourself with are positive and beneficial to you and your life. I hope this helps you. Sending good vibes!

Ms. Sparkles

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